2019 Flea Market Form

Vendor FAQS

How much for a space?
Space is $35 if you pre-register, $45 if you show up day of the market. Check payments should be made out to ecm design, inc., 20 Water Street, Rear, Exeter, NH 03833.

What time does the Parkway open?
The Parkway is an open road, Swag on Swasey has a permit to close the road from 6:00AM – 4:00PM. The road will not be open for Swag participants until 6:45am.

How much space am I allotted for my fee?
For the time being, we are not measuring out space. You are allowed one vehicle and as much space as you need for the items contained in the one vehicle. The one vehicle can not be an 18 wheeler. When the market gets larger we will need to better define vendor space. For now let’s enjoy as much of the Parkway as we need.

Can I share a space?
The simple answer is no. Since we are not measuring space, there is no sharing of space.

Are there facilities available?
There are two port-a-potties on site, one close to the entrance of the Parkway and another closer to the pavilion in the middle of the Parkway.  A special thank you to Seacoast Growers for sharing the local potty. There are also several small businesses nearby that have been very gracious to our vendors.

Which entrance to Swasey Parkway do the vendors use?
Vendors will enter through the Route 85 entrance (not the Water Street entrance). Vendors are required to wait for the roadway to be open.

Where can I get a cup of coffee?
There are a couple of cafes convenient to Swasey Parkway: St. Anthony’s Bakery is open from 7:00AM-noon on Saturdays and D2 Java is open from 7:00AM – 8:00PM on Saturdays.

What about that four letter word, RAIN?
Over the past two years we have only cancelled one market due to a complete rainout. If the chance of precipitation is 60% or less, the market will be open. If the likelihood or rain is greater, we will make a market to market decision. Follow our Facebook page for weather updates. Individual dealers will determine if they want to join us on dates with forecasted inclement weather.